18 Apr
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2007 09:59 PM, CDT

Thought I’d update on what T~ & the rest of us have been up to.

T~ is doing very well. She’s eating well & sleeping great. She likes to head to bed for the night around 7pm & generally wakes only once for a bottle. When she’s awake, she’s very happy. She’s able to grasp toys & is trying hard to get them in her mouth. She can roll over & loves to spend time playing on the floor. She’s a very content baby. She’s very willing to give a smile & is starting to laugh. E~ had her going tonight at supper. Baby laughs are the best.

T~ had her first dr. visit this week as well. She’s 12lb 13oz & 25 1/4in long. We were impressed that she’s gained almost a whole pound in 2 weeks. She had her first round of immunizations so she wasn’t happy camper on Monday. We also had our first post-placement visit today. It was great to see Carole again. T~ slept through most of the visit. I remembered to remove the plastic bags & knives from the crib so I think we passed 😉

E~ & G~ are loving the warmer weather. They’ve been spending their afternoon hours outside either in the sandbox or drawing their chalk city on the drive way. They are already talking about going camping. I have a feeling that summer vacation won’t come soon enough for E~.

J~ headed back to work full time last Friday. He’s heavy into planting preparations so his days are long & getting longer. It’s a good thing he hears T~ for her early morning feeding, soon enough it might be the only time he sees her awake.

J~ & I have both recovered from the jet lag. It took about a week for us to feel human again. My vertigo is subsiding too. We’re still processing all that we went through in order to bring T~ home. Currently when people ask about the trip, we say it was long. Our trip is hard to put into words. The trip was many things, and in the end we brought home a wonderful little girl to our family, so as hard as it was it was worth it!



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