The Roller Coaster Continues

3 Apr
TUESDAY, APRIL 03, 2007 08:31 PM, ICT

Where do we start? How about WHAT A DAY! We woke up this morning thinking it was my last day in Hanoi. The tears flowed early but we got ourselves put back together & took a taxi to the embassy to do our Power of Attorney form. Our taxi driver took us the scenic route & dropped us off at the wrong place. An ominous start for sure. We eventually found the ‘Rose Garden Building’ & proceeded up to the citizen’s services room. We asked for a notary, paid $30 for the service & while we were waiting for the notary we asked a few questions. One was about extending our Visa’s, the other was if there was any info yet on our I-600 application. The guy helping us went to get Joyce, she did our first interview, & she told us that she hadn’t seen anything come back yet but she would check. While we were talking to her, another woman grabbed J~’s passport & took it to the back. We were still chatting with Joyce when the woman returned with WONDERFUL news, our I-600 was approved. If there hadn’t been bullet proof glass in between us, I think I would have kissed Joyce & her co-worker. The other woman said we had an appointment for tomorrow at 2:30pm & Joyce said she’d see us tomorrow. They refunded our notary fee & we left the building on Cloud 9. It was unreal to think that we had come to the embassy preparing for me to leave & we end up with the best possible news. We headed back to our hotel & ran into the new OO families & made plans to meet for lunch.

We had a wonderful meal at a TexMex place called Al Fresco’s. Kevin, Allie, & Jodie were able to meet the new babies, Ella, Hannah, & Lorrell. We had a great time. At the beginning of the meal all the mommies had the babies, by the end they had moved to the daddies. J~ & I were celebrating, Kevin & Allie were too. We assumed since our interviews were on the same day, & same time they would be having their interview tomorrow as well. New babies & going home, how could the day get any better?

After lunch, J~, T~ & I went with Kevin, Allie & Jodie to look into changing our plane tickets. We were able to get seats to fly from Hanoi to Seoul to
Chicago on Friday, 4.6. The flight from Chicago to
Moline was full so we are on standby. We of course won’t wait for that flight, the boys & their drivers will just meet us at O’Hare. After that ticket search we went in search of tickets to the water puppets. We got tickets to a 4pm show & decided to head to the Coughlin’s hotel/home to check for messages. There was a message about doing Visa extensions. Not what we wanted to hear. We also were beginning to wonder about our appointment. We hadn’t heard from Dat yet about delivering T~’s documents to the embassy. When J~ called Dat, he said he hadn’t done the delivery yet because he hadn’t received confirmation of our appointment. At that time, we were the only ones who had been told we had an appointment for our Visa. It was making us wonder if we had made it up & we were anxious to find out what was going on.

It would have to wait until after the water puppets. T~ stayed with the Coughlin’s while we went to the show. The puppet show was held in a two foot deep pool. The puppeteers were behind a bamboo curtain & the puppets were suspended on long sticks. I’m not sure how they were able to work them. They did short vignettes. One story was about the turtle in Hoan Kiem Lake, another was about a cat & some ducks, there was one about a Harvest Festival, & there were lots of fire breathing dragons. It was a very unique show. When we got back to the Coughlin’s we learned that T~ is very attached to us. She cried quite a bit while we were gone & tried to reach for me when she saw me. I guess attachment doesn’t take as long as we thought! We hung out with the Coughlin’s for a while, trying to figure out why we supposedly had an appointment, but they did not. We have gone through every single part of this process together. Our appointments have been on the same days & at the same times. We really wanted to finish our trip together with a final meal in the Seoul Airport. We’ve become such close friends, & we hate the thought of leaving them behind.

When we returned to our hotel we had a call from Dat. We were really hoping it would end our confusion, do we have an appointment or not? Finally, some great news! Our final interview is tomorrow at 2:30pm. We will be able to pick up T~’s Visa on Thursday after 4pm & be on our way to the airport by 10pm. We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

It was such a crazy day. We are so thankful that we are almost done. Only 2 more days! I think we can handle that!



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