2 Apr
MONDAY, APRIL 02, 2007 08:32 PM, ICT

Today was a day of decisions. We did not get a call from the Embassy. We also were told that there are families from a different agency with first interview on 3.22 that are still waiting for their second to be scheduled. Our interview was on 3.26. It certainly doesn’t seem like a speed up, or even a staying on schedule is possible at this point.

We’re frustrated with the wait & the uncertainty. We also know that E~ & G~ are done & ready to come home. It was tough, but we decided that I would come home on our flight leaving at 1:05am Wed, 4.4.07 & J~ & T~ would stay behind in
Hanoi & finish up. J~ is listed as the petitioner on all our documents so he is the one who has to stay. We’ve been talking about one of us going home for a few days but it was very hard to really talk about actually having to do it. We feel it’s best for our family if one of us is back with the boys. It seems unfair that T~ has 2 parents while E~ & G~ have none (no offense, mom, dad, & Becky). It is time to reunite them with at least some of their family. Neither of us are happy with the plan but we feel it’s what needs to happen. We feel it’s too much to ask E~ & G~ again & again to live with the uncertainty of when we’ll be home. As of today we have been away from the boys for 3 full weeks. We’re hopeful that J~ & T~ can be on their way home on Friday, but that isn’t the sure thing it like seemed last week. Last week at this time it was ridiculous to think we wouldn’t be home by Friday. This trip has felt like one big lesson in “Don’t Look Too Far Ahead!”

Our plans for right now are to still wait & see if we get a call from the embassy tomorrow. If we do & they schedule an appointment for Wed., we will all come home together. If they don’t call, we still have to go to the embassy to fill out a Power of Attorney form so J~ can act on my behalf. We are planning as if tomorrow is my last day in Hanoi so we’re hoping to finish souvenir shopping, confirming our tickets, & having lunch with the other OO families.

This has been a tough day emotionally. J~ & I haven’t spent this much time together in a very long time. Especially since having kids, some days it’s like 2 ships passing in the night. We’ve had so much fun together here. We’ve shared so many new experiences & we have grown closer while on this trip. Neither of us could do it without the other & now we are planning to go it alone. It doesn’t sit well with either of us. We hope & pray that we are making the right decision & doing what is best for all of our family.

Our day started out pretty positive with the 3 new OO families receiving word that they would have their G&R that afternoon. We were able to meet the new babies, Ella, Lorrell, & Hannah when they returned from Phu Tho. They’re adorable & we can’t wait to see them awake! We’re so happy that they did not have to wait for the province like we did. We hope the rest of their trip goes as smoothly.

Another bright spot for the day was T~ rolled from her back to her stomach. She tends to only do it when she’s mad, but I think it counts. She decided tonight that she doesn’t like the bassinet anymore. She screamed while she was in it, but as soon as she was put on the bed she was out! It was so hot today we actually put her in a summer outfit & nobody bothered us about it. We attempted to go swimming at one of Hanoi’s posh hotels but they wanted $22 per person to use their facilities. And we thought the lady at the circus was bad!

I think that’s all for tonight. Your prayers & support have meant a lot to us, so please keep them coming!



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