The gov’t isn’t working, surprised?

30 Mar
FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007 07:37 PM, ICT

It’s Friday night & we’re looking at another week in Hanoi. Immigration didn’t call today. That means the earliest we can have our 2nd interview is Tuesday & pick up the Visa on Wed. & be free to leave after that. I hate the thought of backing the flights up again. I’d be happy to do it if we knew exactly what’s going to happen & when next week. Right now it’s a ‘maybe Thursday or Friday’. It’s pretty depressing.

We spent most of the day in our room. J~ did some work, T~ fought sleeping, I read a book. We met all the OO families still in town for a late lunch/early supper. It was very enjoyable. It’s been nice to get to know the other families. They should get their babies on Monday or Tuesday. We can’t wait to meet the new little girls.

We’re trying to fill up our weekend with souvenir shopping, water puppets & maybe even going to the circus. I hope it’s enough to keep our minds off of where we really want to be.



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