28 Mar
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2007 06:47 PM, ICT

We are 2 steps closer to bringing T~ home! This morning J~ went to pick up T~’s VN passport. It’s pretty cute. The whole process took about a half an hour. It’s nice to have something go seamlessly.

We also had T~’s medical this afternoon. We went to the International SOS clinic where T~ was checked by a Dutch dr. She now weighs 12lbs & is 59cm long. She looks so different from when she came to us last week. Her cheeks are nice & round, she has a belly & she is so much more alert. She has discovered her hands & is now bringing them together. It’s so neat to watch her make all of these discovery’s. The check up was very similar to a well-baby visit at home. They took her temp., checked her hips, her neck strength, her eyes, ears, etc. Pretty painless. He gave us some meds for her dry skin too. Hopefully that will clear up before we get home. We put some on her tonight & of course, she starts to bleed. Her skin is so dry!

After the appointment we went with Ali, Kevin & Jodie for supper. It was a beautiful day in Hanoi so we found a restaurant right on Lake Hoan Kiem. It was really nice, just what we needed.

Despite getting closer to being done, today was a really hard day. I spent a lot of it in tears. The homesickness has completely taken over & I miss E~ & G~ terribly. G~ is also not feeling well, so that doesn’t help. I can tell that the boys are getting tired of being away from home & from us too. We’re all very ready for this trip to be over. If things had gone as they were originally planned we would have been on our way home already. That made the day even harder.

On the bright side, I have finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight from G~. A year & a half working out at the Y & all it really took was 2 weeks of my constant companion, Ho Chi Minh’s Revenge. It subsided a little today & I’m hoping for an even better day tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even be able to eat more than one meal! I’m definitely looking forward to having more energy & maybe even achieving hydration!

The sun did shine today in Hanoi & it was a wonderful thing to see. To make it even better, we received a WONDERFUL gift from Kevin, Ali, & Jodie: peanut M&M’s. We bought some fake ones here but they don’t taste the same. And to top it all off, on the way to the passport pickup this morning, J~ bought a Minnesota Golden Gophers hat for 30,000VND (about $1.87). It was made in VN.

For the next few days we’re stuck in the room waiting for immigration to call & schedule our Visa appointment. We highly doubt the call will come tomorrow but we don’t want to miss it if it does. Right now we feel our best case scenario is to have our Visa appointment on Friday so we can pick it up on Monday. Then we’ll still be on track to leave on Wed. Contemplating anything else usually ends up with me in tears.

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