Exploring Hanoi

27 Mar
TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2007 07:34 PM, ICT

Today we visited the Temple Of Literature. It was the first university in Vietnam. The park was quiet enough for us to hear birds. We wandered around for a while & then went & had lunch at another restaurant that serves as a training place for disadvantaged youth called KOTO (know one, teach one). The food was good & we enjoyed chatting with the couple next to us about T~.

We also did some souvenir shopping at a store that supports traditional Vietnamese crafts. We walked back to the hotel, & had some ice cream on the way. All in all, not a bad day. It’s getting hotter here so we try to be back to our hotel by mid-afternoon or we all get a little cranky. We also aged T~ a couple of weeks today. People don’t scold us as much for having her out if we say she is 4 months instead of 3. It’s so steamy here, I don’t understand why the locals insist on dressing the kids as if they live in Russia. You can wear sandals with your snowsuit, but you’d better have legs, arms & head covered!

Tomorrow is T~’s medical. She’s working hard on making us look bad. Last night we didn’t put a hat on her when she went to bed & she ripped out some large chunks of cradle cap & did they bleed! Her head looks terrible. We learned our lesson. Tonight, she has a hat on.

Not much else is happening here. We miss home more everyday & can’t wait to get back. We’re already thinking about our first meal at home & how much dairy we can drink on our way home from the airport.



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