Lazy Sunday in Hanoi

25 Mar
SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2007 05:16 PM, CDT

Lazy Sunday.

T~ had a great night last night. She fell asleep around 7pm, we woke her at 10pm for a bath & a bottle, which she refused. She quickly went back to sleep until 4:30am. That’s her longest stretch yet. During the day we’re lucky to get her to wait 3 hours between bottles.

We haven’t done much today. T~ slept in, J~ did some work, & I took a nap. We went to lunch around noon. On the way back to the hotel we found the Korean Air office where we’ll need to go tomorrow to change our tickets. Our travel agent is having trouble getting us on a Hanoi-Seoul flight so we’re supposed to check and see what they can do for us. Hopefully the power of a cute baby will work & get us a flight out of here. We don’t know our return date yet. It all depends on the Visa interview which won’t be scheduled until later this week. We’re hoping to be free to travel either Saturday or next Tuesday.

Tomorrow is our first immigration appointment. We’re not sure all that they’ll ask. Mostly they’ll check to make sure we haven’t paid any bribes & that our paperwork is all in order. Ha ha, as if we had any money left to pay a bribe after spending so much money staying here while we waited for our G&R! Not that we would have anyway 😉



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