Thursday In Hanoi

22 Mar

Not much is new today. J~ had 2 orders of French toast this morning & was very happy. I didn’t go since mornings have been pretty hard on my stomach. I’m hoping I’ll feel better soon so I can enjoy a real breakfast.

T~ slept a lot today. She’s awake & kicking right now but is getting kind of fussy so it might be time for another nap. We put some oil on her head last night so her cradle cap is starting to come off. T~ likes to pick at it so she’s helping it clear up a little faster.

We talked to the boys this morning. They are still having a good time but E~ typed a message saying he wanted us to come home. Then my sister Jenny emailed saying she missed us. So for the record, unless you want to make me cry (again) please don’t say you miss us, it’s a bit hard to take at the moment 😉

Apparently last night E~ & G~ were found downstairs at my parents house at 3:30am. They’ve been pretty silent about what they were doing. J~ & I thought it was pretty funny. E~ also lost a tooth yesterday. We cannot wait to get home. E~ was squealing in delight after he saw T~ for the first time on the webcam. G~was kind of indifferent. Typical G~.

Tomorrow we leave for HaLong Bay at 8am. We’re really looking forward to getting out of the city. Everyone we’ve talked to says it’s very beautiful there.

We’re still up in the air about when we might be able to return. It’s either Friday night or Monday night. We’re obviously hoping for Friday. Still no word on seat availability for either dates from our travel agent so that may determine what we do.



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