Life is Good Again

21 Mar
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2007 09:52 PM, ICT

We are almost done with our first full day with T~. She’s currently sacked out on the bed & has been that way for most of the evening. I’m sure we’ll pay for it tonight, but we really don’t mind.

We did our next bit of official adoption stuff this morning. J~ applied for T~’s passport at a place that reminded him a lot of a DMV. That process took about 30 min. After the dad’s returned we all hopped in taxis & drove about 3 blocks to get the Visa pictures taken. If we had known ahead of time how far it was, we would have walked. After the pictures the 4 OO families headed to a hotel to have breakfast & relax. The hotel has an inner courtyard that completely blocked out all the street noise. It was so wonderful. We had a leisurely walk back to our hotel & T~ & I took a much needed nap. J~ did some work & read. We went back to the Australian Cafe for supper tonight & booked an overnight trip to Ha Long Bay. We leave Friday at 8am & stay overnight in the bay on a boat. We’re really looking forward to the trip. We’ll be back in HaNoi on Sat. evening.

Our next adoption business isn’t until Monday. We have our first Immigration interview Monday afternoon. We were a little disappointed with the date. At this point there is a slim chance we’ll be able to leave by Friday 3.30. We had really hoped to be home by next weekend. Oh well. What’s an adoption trip without endless delay’s?

Tomorrow is a free day so we are heading out in the morning in search of French Toast & an American paper. J~ & I are both in need of a breakfast that doesn’t include white toast & eggs. Oh wait, that’s what French toast is. Let me rephrase, I guess we’d like a breakfast that isn’t toast & eggs in its original form… The rest of the day will be booked solid with hanging out with T~.



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