Sunday In Hanoi

18 Mar
SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007 06:36 PM, ICT

Boredom strikes again! We were supposed to go to Ha Long Bay today but our trip was unexpectedly canceled while we were waiting in the lobby for the van. So much for getting out of town. We were pretty disappointed. We’re going to try to go next weekend, but we’ll probably book a tour ourselves.

Instead of spending the day on the water & in caves, we holed up in the room for a boredom nap. After it stopped raining we went out in search of lunch. We ate at a French cafe, but I think we both ordered VN-style food. The food was something I worried a lot about. So far I haven’t found anything I haven’t liked except for the slimy white thing I ordered for breakfast a few days ago. I thought I was ordering a pancake.

After lunch we wandered around looking for squeaky shoes (no luck yet). We did buy J~ a Tiger Beer shirt & we found some nice chopsticks. I also am having a skirt made. We’re looking for some sort of diaper bag but I’m not seeing what I want. Of course I don’t know what I want so it may be a long search. We stopped for some ice cream on our way back to the hotel. Mine was very good but I don’t think J~ was fond of the Mango sorbet in his banana split.

On the schedule for tonight is backgammon, Arrested Development, & probably a chat with E~ & G~. I’m not sure we can handle too many more days like this. It’s hard to believe but there truly is only so much shopping & sleeping you can do!

Tomorrow we will wait by the phone to hear from Dat & Nancy to see if our G&R will be squeezed in on Monday afternoon. We’re making some contingency plans for the afternoon if we don’t go to the orphanage. It’s getting very difficult to think past a few hours from now. We’re not ready to face another major disappointment. So if we ignore it, it’ll go away, right?

Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be the day T~ becomes legally ours!



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