Saturday In Hanoi

17 Mar
SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2007 07:22 PM, ICT

Today was a rainy day in Hanoi. We ventured out anyway looking for baby formula & some fruit. We found both. We also ate at an Australian cafe. We could have been adventurous & had vegemite sandwich’s but we didn’t. Instead our adventure was getting lost trying to find our way back to the hotel. It’s so easy to get turned around here. The streets sometimes change names after only a few blocks. It can be very confusing.

Tomorrow we leave for Ha Long Bay at 6:30am. We’re definitely looking forward to getting out of the city.

This feels like a really boring post, but I guess that’s an accurate reflection of the day. I have a feeling we’ll both be asleep by 9. Such is the life of world travelers 😉



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