The Longest Day #1

16 Mar
FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2007 05:07 PM, ICT

Well, well. Here we are. It’s Friday night and K~ and I are still alone. Can’t say that we are enjoying ourselves. That left us yesterday. Now we are just trying to get by until sometime… we don’t really know when. You see, there was no G&R today. We have been waiting and pushing and looking to this day all week. Last week at this time, we didn’t realize that we would still be without T~. My how times change.

Dat & Nancy have been working the phones trying to get someone to see us and get this done. Unfortunately, there was a big meeting in the Phu Tho provincial office today so that there was no time for us. It is VERY frustrating. We met with Dat & Nancy this afternoon and they told us that we will try for Monday afternoon or Tuesday at this point. It sounds like today’s provincial meeting will continue on Monday so I don’t have a lot of hope that they will fit us in. I tried to get from them if it weren’t Monday, would it be Tuesday FOR SURE. No dice. It seems that we can’t pin anyone down on this.

Today until now: It has been a LOOONNNGGG day. We were up at 3am. Read, backgammon, and laid around. I went for breakfast at 8am. Got back and still no phone call. More backgammon and some internet browsing. Finally a call from Nancy at about 10:20. No information but she was hoping to hear something from Phu Tho province and would call us before noon. 11:50- Dat calls to say it won’t be today. He wants to meet with us at 4pm today to discuss things. We mope around the room for an hour and decide to leave for lunch. Go back to Hoa Sua Restaurant for lunch (we had been there before). It was a good meal and some good atmosphere. A nice outside cafe-type setting down an alley where the street noise wasn’t so bad. Sure would have been nice to have had something to celebrate there though. We had a decent time. Just trying to comfort each other.

After lunch, went for a nice, quiet walk around a secluded lake…yeah, right. We did “Frogger” across a busy street and sat on a park bench for 15 minutes while 30 feet behind us, cycles were screaming by and riders were honking. Then, back to the hotel until 4pm. Met with Dat and Nancy who told us the information that I relayed to start this post.

Now, we are looking at each other and thinking about what to do for supper. We need something to do for the weekend and are hoping to go to Ha Long Bay for some nice sightseeing.

I would say that, up until today, we have had a fine week. I’m still not accustomed to the schedule (haven’t slept past 7am yet and two times up by 3:30). Wednesday was a WONDERFUL day to meet T~ and see where she lives. By the way, gotta love the picture of her looking around my arm at K~. Yesterday was another fine day of exploration and some shopping. However, today has been brutal. We are here for a reason and it has not come to fruition. We have really picked up the prayer in the last two days too. Not that we weren’t praying before but we really need the comfort. Our prayers for a G&R today weren’t answered to our liking. This was an admittedly selfish prayer. Prayers for comfort, patience, kindness, and the hope to see God’s will are working. We haven’t killed each other or anyone else, not that either is a concern:) We know that besides God, there are people here in VN working for us and people at Orphans Overseas working for us. In addition, you are praying for use and sending us your best wishes. THANK YOU. I have read through the emails and posts from the last couple of days and they have been very helpful. It is good to know that you are all behind and are looking forward to seeing T~. Please continue praying for our peace of mind.

I will write more at a later time. I have some reflections on VN but I need to be in a more appreciative frame of mind. Again, thanks for your prayers and your ear for my complaints today.



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