8 Mar
THURSDAY, MARCH 08, 2007 01:12 PM, CST

YIKES!!! Today is Thursday! Only 2 more packing days until we leave!

We’ve been asked a lot if we’re excited & I would say yes, but that is definitely not the first emotion we’re experiencing. I’d say mostly we’re filled with dread about leaving the boys. We’re also nervous & anxious about the flights & being in a foreign country for so long. We’re worried about how the boys will handle the separation & we’re worried about how T~ will handle her major transition. We keep reminding ourselves that T~ is not waiting for us to come get her. Life in an orphanage may not be great but it is what she knows & where she’s comfortable. She has nannies that love & care for her, certainly not like we will, but they do their best. She’s fed & changed, maybe not when she would like it done, but it gets done. As far as she knows, this is life. To remove her from all that is familiar & comfortable will be quite a shock. It will take her awhile to trust us & to bond with us. I found a really good illustration of what the initial transition must be like. I’ll try to post it here soon.

So yes, we are excited, but that emotion doesn’t surface as often as the others. I think we’ll feel more excited on Sunday afternoon when we’re on our way to Seoul.



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