26 Feb
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2007 04:19 PM, CST

No News is NOT Good News

Have you ever seen anybody slowly descend into madness? Come on over & watch the show! It’s ironic that as we slowly descend, air fares go up, up, up!

As you might have guessed, we still have no travel dates. When will we get them? I have no idea. I hope every time the phone rings, it’s our caseworker calling with something, anything – a wild guess, a rumor, anything. At this point we’re not picky. But when the phone does ring, it’s usually just my sister Becky. She’s fine for a chat, but it’s a thinly veiled disguise, she just wants info too 😉

E~ has been a real treat lately. He had been reserving his sass-mouth for home, but he brought it out last week at school, resulting in a note home. Not one of his finer moments. I really think it’s a reaction to all the stress & unknowns at home. He’s a planner & unknowns are not usually his friend. He is excited about going to school in MN but I’m sure the anticipation & anxiety are working on him. I really think he’ll be better once we’re all on our way.

G~ has been fine. It must be great to be 3 & have no concept of time.

The cat situation has sort of resolved itself. I took the lid off her box & low & behold, she started using it! I’m sure we’ve tried that in the past, but for whatever reason, she’s made a monumental change. Maybe it was my threat of the one-way trip to the vet…

If you have a chance, check out the blog. It has a short video of what a “hospital style” orphange is like. Also I added pictures of the finished rooms to our flickr account. It’s in the links section above.



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