Still no G&R

14 Feb

Maybe next week. I’m beginning to feel like a broken record! I just got off the phone with our caseworker & they’re hoping to schedule travel dates next week after the Tet festivities are over. We’re waiting for the state of IL to process our last immigration clearance (the one no other state requires) & hopefully all the pieces will all fall into place. It’s hard to believe that in one month or less T~ will be with us!

We had another snow day today. The boys slept late (Yay!) & were very excited that the carpet was installed today too. The rooms are really looking nice. J~ will say there’s a lot more to do, but beside the trim, the light fixtures & the doors we’re close to being done, right? Someday soon I hope we’ll be able to put our paint brushes away rather than just putting them in the fridge.

I’m adding a flickr account. It’s in the links section but here’s the address

I’m hoping that by adding the picture link we can still use caringbridge for our travel journal. I’m way too scatter-brained at the moment to figure out the nuances of another blog site. You can look at the pictures with captions or in a slide show without captions. The only pictures I’ve added are the required pics of the kids & a couple of the remodeled bedrooms.



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