8 Feb

We’re still taking suggestions for T~’s middle name. Thanks to those of you who took the time to give your opinions!

I had a great chat with our caseworker yesterday. It sounds like they had a great time in VN. We don’t have definite travel dates, things are actually more influx than they were before. There are 8 families that received referrals while they were in VN & we will be broken into 2 travel groups. One group of 4 will hopefully have their G&R the week of 3.5.07 & the remaining 4 will be a week later. Jason & I will be fine with either date. A little more time putting the house back together would be kinda nice. We might know something about travel next week, but then VN is off for Tet & apparently the whole country goes on vacation for at least a week. So it might be right at the end of Feb. before we know anything. Talk about PANIC!

We’re making good progress on the basement. We textured the ceilings & tonight we should be able to paint them. J~ wants to get one of the closets put back together tonight too. We hope to have both rooms painted over the weekend. Painting party anyone? Bring a brush & head on over, we won’t turn anyone away! My sisters & my mom bought T~ a pretty crib sheet, dust ruffle & rug so it is time for the boys to move out so we can set up the crib & decorate.



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