6 Feb
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2007 09:36 AM, CST

T~ is 2 months old today. Our PA is back in the US & I hope to have our regular check-in with our caseworker tomorrow. A couple of commonly asked questions, this time with answers!

1. When will we travel? The short answer is, we don’t know. We’ve been told our Giving & Receiving Ceremony MIGHT be the week of 3.5.07. Our paperwork has to be cleared by VN’s Dept. of Int’l Adoptions & then our date can be scheduled. We hope to know more about our travel dates after we talk to our caseworker this week.

2. How long will we be gone? We’re preparing to be gone for 3 weeks. We obviously hope the trip won’t take that long, but we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility. Previously, the Consulate in Hanoi was only doing I-600 (Immigration) interviews on Mon-Wed.’s. That meant we could have spent a lot of time waiting for an appointment. Now they are doing the I-600 interviews 5 days a week. Our hope is the change will mean a shorter time in VN, however we expect to be gone at least 2 weeks.

3. Are we taking the boys? No. We’d love for them to come with us but 18 hours in a plane + the cost of taking them means they will be spending time in MN. E~will go to school with my dad in Rochester & G~ will hang out with my mom at SACC. They’ll spend weekends with J~’s family. We hope they won’t miss us nearly as much as we’ll miss them.

4. Do we have a middle name yet? No, & any suggestions would be great! Her name will be T~ *insert English middle name here* *insert Vietnamese name here* B~. I prefer a J name, since we all have a J initial. J~’s not as hung up on that. Two of the names on my short list are Jane & Clare. Middle names are so hard! We’d love for you to leave your suggestions in the guestbook.



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