6 Jan

SATURDAY, JANUARY 06, 2007 06:45 PM, CST
We’ve made it! Only one more week to go till J~ comes home. It’s been an interesting week. E~’s been a tad naughty at school. He had his card flipped a few times this week. It’s over silly things, nothing too bad. It’s annoying though. G~’s been doing well. He likes to talk on the web cam. He likes to talk to the computer instead of the camera so J~ is getting a close up of his forehead. I took the boys to an indoor water park (why did I clarify the indoor part? It’s January!) It was a lot of fun. They had a lot of little slides for the kids & for once I didn’t worry about G~ drowning himself.

I was right about our case worker not having any news. She keeps saying ‘things are moving’. I need to ask what she means by that. Does the in-country rep move our file to the other side of her desk every week, is that what she means by ‘things are moving’? Maybe that’ll be my question for next weeks check in. As much as I want to know that our baby’s born, I’m not sure I could handle just that tidbit for very long without driving myself crazy (& everyone around me). What a lesson in patience this could be…



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