CB Dec.

8 Dec
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2006 09:06 PM, CST

There’s nothing to report on the adoption this week. We heard from our case worker on Wed. and tried to get info about whether the families ahead of us have matches, but she wouldn’t say. I think sometimes she purposely misunderstands our questions so she doesn’t have to give us info. I guess it’s for the best. If we knew we had a match, the wait for a picture would be unbearably long. I think I’d like to know that we’re next in line for a match or at least things are moving. But again, maybe it’s more info. than we can really handle. After all, I’m certainly not known for my huge amounts of patience.

We worked a little this week on the boys new room. Mainly we threw out a bunch of stuff, organized and then moved everything into the family room. We’re hoping to start tearing out the paneling yet this weekend. The new lights should be in on Monday so that will be the next task.

J~’s grandma is not doing well again. She’s basically in a coma. She was moved to Hospice and nobody really has any idea what will happen next. She could go any day or hang on for a long time. I think J~ would like to go up and see her again, but we’ll see how things progress. In the meantime, J~ and I are going on a big date tomorrow. We’re hoping to finish Christmas shopping and most importantly, eat supper at the Olive Garden.

Have a great weekend!



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