Snow Day!

1 Dec

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2006 01:01 PM, CST

It snowed 11 inches last night! No school! No work! Yeah for us! We’ve had a great morning. The boys let us sleep until a little after 8. J~ made waffles and then we bundled up and went sledding with the neighbor boys for about an hour. Now my memory may be getting fuzzy with age, but I remember being outside for hours in the snow. E~ & G~ were crying before we even started down the hill for the first time. Something about snow in the boots or mittens or their faces. Wimps 😉 Hopefully they’ll toughen up. J~’s out now with the seldom used snow blower. After he’s done with our driveway, he’s taking it across the street to do the neighbors. Man toys…

In other news, J~’s grandma is very sick. She has been in a nursing home for a few years. She has dementia and now she has pneumonia and blood poisoning. It’s not looking like she’ll make it through the day. She’s 89. We’re sad but also joyful that soon she will be home in heaven with her Savior and be in the fullness of mind and body. We’re grateful that we had a nice visit with her on Thanksgiving. She remembered J~ and really enjoyed watching the boys play. It was a good last visit.



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