30 Nov

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2006 01:20 PM, CST Today is a roller-coaster of adoption emotions for me. A couple we know received their referral for a beautiful baby girl from NW Vietnam last night. She’s almost 2 months old and will be home sometime in January. Another friend is leaving on Sat. to pick up their little boy from China. A couple from our PA is hoping to travel to VN in Dec or Jan to pick up their little boy. I’m filled with joy and excitement for them! New babies, new siblings, new grandchildren, what an exciting time for these wonderful families! My next thought, where’s mine?!!?!! I’m tired of waiting and we haven’t been waiting all that long! Very selfish, I know. We know our time is coming, but it seems so very far away today. It’s a lot like trying to get pregnant while everyone around you is about to deliver.

There, it’s off my chest, now I can go back to being happy and excited again! K~


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