Still Waiting on SF

26 Oct
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2006 06:38 PM, CDT

Nothing to report for the adoption stuff other than we’re still waiting. We’re not feeling too anxious yet. I was overly optimistic about having the dossier done by the end of this week. Next week will be fine too.

I received my first phone call from the school office today. E~ hit his head at the very end of the day and had to go to the office because he was bleeding rather profusely. He soaked through the collar of is brand new white Batman shirt (sorry Jenny). E~’s teacher was concerned about his head (a cut on the side of his head) but more concerned because he didn’t cry, or even say he was hurt. He just walked in the room and sat down on the rug and waited for announcements. His friends outed him when they saw the blood. He’s always been a bit of a tough guy so it didn’t surprise me that he didn’t cry. Everyone at school was a little shocked by his calmness about the whole thing. He didn’t say much about it when he got home other than he got to sit in Mrs. Ferguson’s (school secretary) chair and she gave him 4 orange M&M’s. You can tell what was important.

G~ had his second swimming lesson today. He was in with the 4 year olds for a little while and he was really trying to imitate their strokes. He even practiced diving today. His teacher had him try it from the edge of the pool. He got it right on his third try. I was amazed. He does swim with a float belt but I’m beginning to think he may not need it by the end of the 7 weeks.

In the next couple of days I’m going to try and post an adoption timeline. It’s been a year since we started this process and it’ll be interesting (to us anyway) to look back and see what this whole process has entailed.


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